7 Pocket Squares that are worth buying this season



1: Euphoric Bloom – Platter Pocket Square


This black pocket square with deep black printed design is an ultimate desired square for lovers of black colour. This pocket square can be used with white, blue, light brown, maroon and black suits.


2: Blue Magic Pocket Square:


The white pocket square with blue pattern on it provides the opportunity of mixing up colours. Pattern mixing is basically mixing up the pattern in your outfit so that none are same, makes you look different.


3: Golden Paisley:

Delicately constructed with an artisanal outlook, this golden paisley makes fresh addition to your tailored wardrobe. Every distinguished gentleman should own this at least one high quality stylish square.


4: Denver Cotton Pocket Square:


Pink used to be a girl colour, used much now in men formal wear. We see pink shirts under grey and black blazers. Just imagine this stylish light pink square in the pocket of grey or black blazer, Give it a try



5: White and Black Polka Dots Silk Pocket Square:

Usually people love to wear Silk Square and they love polka dots as well, so what if you get both in a combo. Amazing right? Yes get one for yourself.


6: Orange Pasco Cotton Pocket Square:


We see checked shirt around us every day. People love wearing them in their office days. Sometimes it becomes a lot boring and for a change it can be done the other way around. Wear plane shirt and checked pocket square.

7: Small Pasco Pocket Square:

This small checked pocket square is a must buy accessory either you wear white, grey or black suit. Pair it up with a white, red or black shirt and you are ready to rock your day