6 Most beautiful lapel pins you should add to your accessory collection





1: Black Feather Lapel Pin:




This black feather lapel pin with a little touch of bright yellow and orange makes it more beautiful, if you wear it on your blazer there’s no chance that people would resist appreciating your taste.


2: Black Moustache


Recently the trend of wearing moustache accessories got hype, men all around the world love moustaches, and not only the men with moustaches love them but for those too who appreciate men with moustaches.



3: Gold Metal Horns


These Metal horns help you take your formal wear to next level, providing your personality an impression of swiftness.



4: Gold Metallic Deer Lapel Pin:








This is ultimate classic addition to your pin collection, wear it with a black suit and shine like a star



5: Golden Sparrow Lapel Pin



This classic sparrow pin is wearable with any color suit, either black or white. Wearing it on white suit can increase the gentleman look.


6: Red & Orange Flower Pin


Floral Lapel Pin with astonishing colors is wearable with any suit, either black or blue and makes you look all different from others around you