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Cotton Ties for Spring - Summer Season

by Hammad Maqbool 28 Jan 2019

We at Threaditionz believe that the advantages of seasonal fabrics cannot be stressed enough. Flannels and tweeds for the Winter, linens and cotton for the Summer, etc. To choose an appropriate fabric for the climate is classy, comfortable, and visually appealing. It also allows you the choice of introducing a new wardrobe, or at least some new staple pieces, every time the seasons change.

This concept isn't limited to tailoring. It also applies to accessories like scarves, hats, and of course, neckties.


Cotton Ties in Pakistan

In this article we will look at the latest trending tie looks this summer.


Summertime means shedding those layers, packing away your dark colours, and keeping your attire light. Your ties are no exception, so this summer, push your ‘shiny’ silk ties to the back of the closet and support a few cotton ties instead.

Busting the myth about cotton ties

Indeed, cotton ties have traditionally been out of the question in the workplace, but office culture is changing at a rapid speed and is headed in the right direction. Even in Pakistan, people are aggressively picking up the right trends. Late are the days of short-sleeve button-downs and obsequious tie patterns. When it comes to neckties, the righteous style of today’s forward-thinking man is all about loud colors, unique patterns, and comfortable fabrics, especially in the heat of summer. Still not sold on cotton ties? Sit back and relax while we’ll break down the reasons why cotton ties are downright awesome.


Reason #1: Break the convention

The most difficult thing to do is sometimes to break free from the custom, but most of the times, it is what gives you that added attention distinguishes you from the crowd. Yeah, it is not the easiest thing to break free from the crowd, but trust us, it can if done correctly be the best thing that you do as you see yourself become the trend-setter.

Reason #2 They’re lightweight.

Compared to silk or wool, cotton is amazingly lightweight. If you’ve never experienced the relief of wearing a cotton tie, you might be asking yourself, “well is it that big of a difference?” The answer: absolutely. In fact, cotton ties are so lightweight and comfortable that you’ll be tempted to wear them all year round and the traditional silk ties will feel cumbersome once you’ve experienced the pleasure of a cotton tie. Trust us here – don’t fear the fabric.

Reason #3: They’re fun.

Sure, you’ll get the standard stripes and solids with some cotton ties, but cotton lends easily to lighter colors, calling for fun patterns to match. And if you’re looking for a complete summer look, sport a lightweight linen shirt with the cotton tie. You’ll surely shield yourself from the heat of the summers.

Reason #4: They’re more long-lasting.

If you’ve ever had dry skin on your palms, then you know how easily a silk tie can get nicked up. On the other hand, cotton ties can take a little bit of a thrashing without being completely ruined.


If you have any questions, comments, or want to tell us why you think cotton ties are awesome, feel free to post in the provided space below. Thanks for stopping by!

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